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Ants are hardest working of all species. They persevere till they achieve or die. But hard work is of little use unless it has a direction. And that’s where Craving comes into play.

We crave to contribute towards the evolving perception of our country through design and branding.

Ants are small, and our contribution might also be, but small things do make a huge difference.

Arresting the Human Perception is our Intention.

Cravers’ Journey

The Chronicle

Our creative core lies in combining design and strategy to incept the desired thought about the brand. Here is a recollection of the important events that led us to where we are today.


Our journey began when Cravants was setup in the year 2013 in a small office.


We got our first breakthrough with our first client – Vodafone for whom we created 39 animated videos and other collaterals. Having such a renowned first client inspired us to do better.

At the end of 2014, we established a brand-new office in Saket.


This year, we branded and promoted around 10 startups including Crafting Futures, Get My Parking in the digital as well as mainline space.

Graphic Era University, Tamron and Flipkart were the major brands that shook hands with us.


Over time, we evolved as a creative agency to improve our structure and process. Our newly created state-of-the-art office was a considerable addition during this year.

HCL, Cambridge University Press, Gigabyte, Smart Group and Clove Dental Clinic were some of the other clients that collaborated with Cravants.


Cravants stretched out to Ranchi with a new office.

Some of the new brands that partnered with us were Trident, Generation Nxt Group and Action Shoes.


Jharkhand Milk Cooperative – Medha, a fast-rising dairy brand came together with us.

We entered the global market with our first Singaporean client – West-Street Carrier.


A brand born with a heart, beats a lifetime.