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Moments by Kilo

by Prashant Nair


I remember quite vividly, it was around 10pm yesterday and I was watching Cecil Gaines bio – The Butler, when my doorbell rang. The “moment of truth” arrived and it brought the idea for my next casual blog.

Let me put it this way - We as consumers invest a lot of time and energy in reaching a satisfactory level on services offered to us. Likewise, businesses spend ambiguous amounts on Emotional intelligence to create those wonderful moments.

“Zomato says revenue up 80% to $49 million in FY17” – Livemint, April 07, 2017. But there is a lot happening behind the numbers projected. For most customers, to order their food using food ordering apps is similar to betting on horse races.  You won’t know which one is a winner, until it arrives and you tasted the food – for good or bad. You might be one of the 45.3 crore internal migrants, most of who came to Delhi in the last decade looking out for better quality of life and minting bucks. Delhi and its economic landscape has changed significantly. There are more food ordering apps on your phone than restaurants offering them. You will see a new addition every week. But as customers, we are to share the blame for our impulsive food habits; spoilt by choices and convenience.

I have been a regular hitchhiker within the city. Despite having a residence, I managed to stay out for half a decade now. Proximity to office and stifling traffic being the logic. Yes, only if you believe that. On weekends, I tend to order food like most of you and find a host of options on Zomato. By the way - How do you decide what restaurant to order from? I tend to be a little lost and most of the times I don’t know if I have made an informed choice.

After trying on an average 6 restaurants in a month for about 4 years, I have finally experienced the perfect “food delivery experience” with Biryani by Kilo. Believe me when I say this - I am not patronizing them for any monetary favours. They seem to have cracked that perfect string of moments for delivering the best service possible. Let me remind you of few good moments that you might have experienced yourself. Do you remember the first time you ordered from Behrouz Biryani and you were pleasantly surprised by their food packaging and their non-stereotypical yet delicious biryani preparation?

I recall restaurants making the effort to re-invent their service delivery texts, food packaging material, service courtesy calls, and food preparations but unfortunately, they were not by one restaurant or a single food delivery service. Therefore, I had to boomerang between half a dozen shortlisted options on my phone.

The key is to create a WOW factor every time your customer comes in contact with your brand, service or a product. It takes “infinite persistence” to retain a mark in the food delivery business, especially in Delhi. You have to remind your customers, at least during weekends that you exist and your values are consistent. Especially due to the temporary nature of residency in Delhi. Most of us are tenants.

So that’s what I got at 10pm, last Sunday. A reusable, natural clay pot (sealed with atta) was delivered to my doorstep with a QR code tag that educated me on how they prepared my food. The matka biryani was here. The best part – while you patiently open the lid by unreeling the atta around the lid, aroma of the biryani entices your palette. Biryani by Kilo, to my mind, delivered the food masterfully for that price tag, as compared to their competitors.  

But as I mentioned earlier, it has to be the string of moments that fulfils the customer expectation gap and ensures a smooth recall. What sets us apart is not just good food, it is the experience of delivering fresh food in newer ways. Because as a customer, I am always ready for those moments - by kilo.

A service logic to go by, perhaps-             

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not a single act, but a habit” - Aristotle