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The promoters of brand Ek Daana envisaged a unique positioning of its product offering. Ek Daana is a healthy mix of Atta variants – Soya, Methi Daana (Fenugreek Seeds), Paalak Mix (Spinach), Whole Wheat, Multigrain and more…



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Brand Identity

The idea was to create a logo rooted in Health, Taste, and Tradition, in line with the brand positioning. The brand was overall articulated as the one which stays true to its roots because that is what is considered healthy. The tagline is the essence of the brand perception we aimed at: ‘Your Health Staple’.

The Brand Story is about a farmer, who couldn’t deny his son’s dream to go to the city. The father had different expectations from his son but he in the end he complies with his son’s wishes. And so he blesses him with a box of the freshly made divine mix of Ek Daana to accompany him in the new lands.


The packaging was meticulously designed with pain staking illustrations depicting rural India. We deliberated and detailed elements of harvesting and farming to let the Urban India connect with their roots.

The colours chosen for the different kinds of packaging are vibrant in nature to attract eyes. And to keep the colour usage minimal, we have used the same colours in the illustrations as well.

Web Development

The website has a theme of ‘nourishment’ and ‘traditional’ associated with it. It shows the specific grains present in each kind of flour offered and also has the option of creating your own custom flour with chosen grains.


Our Strategy and Advertising teams conjointly executed creative research and market study to create leaflets, a catalogue, a health passport, shop danglers and all the other marketing pre-requisites that were required for apt positioning of the new brand.

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