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Fox Ministry teamed up with us to actuate their brand idea. We began with the concept and positioned the brand through the appropriate brand identity and collaterals.



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Brand Identity

The brand story we crafted says talks about a fox who is a good tailor. The word ‘Ministry’ conveys that the clothes being manufactured are of minister-like quality. The logo signifies the stitching of a button on a shirt, a subtle portrayal of what the product is about.


The packaging boxes designed have a raw feel associated with them. The eye-catchy illustration of the brand story is a part of every packaged shirt box.

Corporate Identity

The corporate identity including the letterhead, visiting card and the look-book were designed aligned with the brand identity.

The look-book displays the customization options from the different type of shades of shirts to the buttons and collars. The brand story has been incorporated in the opening pages. The template is simple, minimal and thematic based on the brand character.

User Interface

The design of the website and user interface of their BodyCast application were also developed. The user interface was designed keeping in mind the smooth user experience. It is on the informative front and enlightens the user about the various options he never thought he had. One of the major proposition of the brand was the provision for custom-made shirts which has been communicated directly.

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