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Medha, Jharkhand’s Milk Cooperative was facing some hurdles like lack of public awareness, a traditional identity and ignorance about Medha being Jharkhand’s own brand. The name was occasionally confused as ‘Megha’ since the previous logo lacked clarity.



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The foremost step taken was directed towards reworking the logo as it is the essence of any brand. The previous logo lacked consistency and was not clearly legible as ‘Medha’. Owing to this reason, the letters were now devised in a synchronized way and altogether they portrayed a modern impression.

To not dissolve the previous mental association that the consumers had with Medha, the blue colour of the logo was maintained. The white ribbon below the logo was eliminated due to less significance. Instead, a drop of milk was added that resembled the brand’s product, milk. A sense of freshness and purity is felt when we see the culmination of blue and white colours in the drop.

After many rounds of conceptualization and collaborating with a Caligraphy artist, we finally landed with a striking logo that subtly communicated our message and solved the shortcomings of the previous logo and identity. The logo was devised in both Hindi and English languages.

Corporate Identity and Brand Merchandise were designed using only two colours – white and blue. Moreover, we have maintained the visual elements to be elaborative for better aesthetics and to reinforce the essence of Medha.


The state flower, the state bird and the state tree, very smoothly depict the fact that Medha is a home brand of Jharkhand. The dairy farm and the milk canister associate a sense of purity and freshness with Medha.

Web Development

The brand colour, blue has been incorporated throughout the website. The content points to the angles of ‘Authenticity’ and ‘Freshness’ Medha has to offer to the people of Jharkhand.


The relaunch event of Medha has been executed and been successful. Other campaigns are yet to be executed to accentuate the presence of the brand in the state. All communication platforms from digital to print to outdoors have been used to strengthen the foothold of the brand in the market. A teaser campaign that ran across the leading newspapers in Jharkhand and all digital platforms was followed by the relaunch event of Medha.

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