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Moksa is a Tea brand specializing in exquisitely handcrafted tea blends. The brand is as fresh in the market as their teas. Oh yes! We have tried them all over a think tank session in plotting the storyline that would carry out the essence of Moksa to the people. The list of work that followed after that, has been stimulating.



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Brand Identity

Now that we had a storyline, the focus shifted to implementation. We needed a logo that would effectively communicate the brand’s nature. We had three concepts, but we all knew what would be the final one. It had elements that covered the entire concept of the blissful state of mind and also looked like something being poured in a cup and the cup has a coaster, closely relating to the product profile that Moksa delivers.

Brand Positioning

The product is too good no doubt. Once the logo was finalized, now it’s time, we had to position the brand as per the market standards. We needed a statement, an image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market. Quickly we revisited the essence of Moksa and an elaborated narration of its values, character, proposition.

Intensely Aromatic Luxury Tea Experience


This is where the fun begins. Deciding on the type of packaging and what goes where is very important because this is the canvas that narrates the brand’s entire story. So it’s crucial to efficiently use the space to communicate. So we have tried to narrate the essence of the brand in the form of tiny narratives, Moksa brand story compilation, product info, effective way to use, etc., making it as transparent and open for anyone that wants to know.

Web Development

The product was about to launch and we were receiving a great response. That is when we said, Oh wait! We need to give Moksa a web presence to give access for people to more info and take them into the brand’s world. We wanted to keep it more fun to read, informational about the brand and educational about tea as we see the lack of it in the current trends.

Brand Communication

The communication has been kept simple, transparent and easy to connect with. Have focused on both physical and mental wellness and it’s a connection to our everyday ritual of bonding over a cup of tea. We all know how that relationship works, elevating from the regular chaos! Brochures, tent cards, and other creatives and marketing materials to support the brand image and it’s a regular affair. We try to keep it fresh every time!

Digital Media

Creating a digital space to paint the overall picture of Moksa brand and give something for our audience to latch on to was also important to meet the current trends. This is also space where the brand can have a two-way communication directly with the people who have been following the brand since inception. So we try to keep the content more engaging here.

Event Prep

Creating events or participating in one, is a regular thing at Moksa. So we are always excited to take up the challenge in creating a presentation that is a visual treat to the eyes.

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