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What's Your Make?

by Prashant Nair


Are you someone who ignores a discussion on an introvert and an extrovert? Someone who is never able to decide that who is better and why? Someone who don’t like putting themselves in to a category of an introvert or an extrovert, because they are not clear about their personality type. Someone who at once is an introvert, at the other might turn out to be an extrovert. Someone who wonders who he/she is and wishes to fit neatly in either of the two personality types. Someone who doesn’t linger in between the two most talked about personality types and feels dejected, not being a part of a definite group.

My friend it is time for you to cheer up. You are blessed with something unique! You are a blend of an introvert and an extrovert. You express qualities and behaviour of both camps, as per the situation. Brighten up, because you are an AMBIVERT.

Brace yourself because I’m going to bombard you with great reasons to make you feel happy being an ambivert.

  • Versatility is in your blood

    You adjust yourself according to the situation. You know when to be outgoing and when to be reflective. You respond as per the situation. At a party, you are exuberant, you engage with people the whole night, much like the extroverts. But you also relish reading a book and watching a movie all alone. Social interactions and solitude, both make you feel energized.“Ambiverts are in that nice zone, in that sweet spot, where they’re able to act out of character as a pseudo-introvert or a pseudo-extrovert, without paying the nervous system costs”, said psychologist Brian R. Little.

  • You know when to hark and when to gab

    Extroverted person is an ideal speaker and introverted person is a keen listener. Combine these two skills and you are ready to rock the world. There have been times when your friends need someone to talk to and you have proven to be their rescue. Ambiverts know when to talk and when to halt.

  • You make a great entrepreneur

    One of the few studies on ambiverts by Adam Grant of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania found that unlike stereotypes extroverts, ambiverts make the best sales people. Grant hypothesized that although successful sales people needs to be assertive but extroverts may end up being too assertive. Ambiverts on the other hand strikes a balance between speaking and listening to others and they turn out to be great sales person. With these qualities you end up being a great entrepreneur in due course of time.

  • You are easy going

    Unlike introvert, you encounter no problems when working in a team. Introverts usually prefer to work alone on their ideas. Whereas, extroverts just can’t work alone. They need people to interact and exchange ideas but being a blend you are fine with either of the two working conditions.

  • You’re a brilliant leader

    Many a times you have proved to be a wonderful leader because of the skills you hold. You know how both introverts and extroverts feel while working in a team. You are able to gather and unite people because of your dexterity.

  • You understand people very easily (Empathy)

    Ambiverts possess both personality traits and therefore it is an innate quality of theirs to understand others. You know how a particular personality feels under a certain situation and how they need to be comforted. You know how to strike a small conversation to make an introvert feel at ease but at times you can also engage yourself in deep intellectual/casual conversations with extroverts.

  • You are a keen observer (Good Negotiator)

    You have seen too much of drama in both the worlds. Had many fake friends, encountered some genuine people, and had seen some innocent tears as well. You know who is real and who is fake. Basically you are a good judge of people by now. You have gathered enough information from your diverse worlds and past experiences, so now initially you take a back seat and observe people. You see how they interact, what they talk about and then decide your equation with them.

  • You are more independent

    Those who need someone to talk to and feel happy usually end up being in a state of depression. Being around someone irritates the one who craves for solitude. But you have become more independent, because you are peacefully soul searching and reflective when being deserted, at the same time being expressive and vocal when you are surrounded by people.

Ambiverts have introverted and extroverted traits, but neither of the personality dominates them. Subsequently, you have more balanced personality. “It’s like they are bilingual”, says Daniel Pink.

You are not the best or the worst individual. You are just a different type of individual. You are a blend, a blend that can do wonders. You are not the only one. According to personality psychologist Robert R. McCrae roughly 38% of people fall in the category of Ambivert.

Even Carl Jung, believed that “there is no such thing as a pure extrovert or a pure introvert,” and that Ambivert were the “most numerous”; so get up and appreciate your personality type.

Most people don’t have the word “ambivert” in their dictionary. When it comes to telling their personality they know only two words “introvert” and “extrovert”. But if you will give them third option “ambivert”, I bet most of the people will end up choosing “ambivert”.

Let’s be buoyant, lets cheer for AMBIVERTS.

Famous ambiverts: John Lennon, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Carlin