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Vodafone India got Cravants Media on board as an advertising agency to produce a series of 40 animation videos (2D) for internal training and YouTube promotions.



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The Creative and Strategy team got a series of story boards and voice over scripts prepared for client approval. This video was created to make the customers aware about the new Vodafone Balance Transfer service. It is simple and straightforward enough to convey and educate the audience on this front.

This video is a funny take on the commom man's life, who keeps caught up in his work throughout the day. The slow nature of his tasks doesn't seem to keep him entertained. But with the introduction of 3G service by 'Data Devta' helps him to keep pace with his ongoing life. These scripts were prepared in line with client’s expectations and their brand positioning.

A customer explanatory video showcasing the benefits and features of the 3G service over the older 2G version. It was created to motivate the audience to take up this new service as their primary one.

Another 30+ videos were created for Vodafone on a similar line of thought that have not been showcased here. In case you are interested to watch all these videos, kindly reach us and we'll share our video links with you.

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